24 September 2010

Two Things for Friday

 Gwyneth Paltrow's Newsletter, "GOOP," has been around for a few years and seems to draw lovers and quite a few vocal haters.  I'm not a regular reader but I checked it out again this week and found two articles that resonated:  one for fun and one for reflection.

The Uniform
Wish I could post all the pictures here but it's such a fun little spread on how you can take a gray tank and black leggings and mix it up for different occasions.  It's not a new idea but it was inspiring to see it done well.  I find that even though the newsletter was created several seasons ago, it's still relevant--another clue that this works and has longevity..  I've been thinking more and more lately on how I'd like to invest in a few quality key pieces that lasts and goes with lots of items rather than buy lots of shirts and random stuff on sale.  Wish I lived by a Uniqlo!  I think wide legged jeans and booties are on my list for fall.

Friendship Divorce
Fall out.  Have you ever uttered those words?  It used to bring me shame and anxiety and guilt.  But I'm learning to embrace that friendships change just like everything else in life changes and even if I value loyalty and jung (the Korean word for deep seated unwavering affection that motivates a kind of familial love and attachment), I've got to move on and not hold on to my expectations of a friendship if it's not working.  I found the reflections and responses from Dr. Karen and Cynthia Bourgeault to be particularly apt, challenging, and affirming (Which by the way, sidenote!,how does Gwyneth know Cynthia Bougeault?). I'm so tickled whenever I find Cynthia on GOOP (she's actually a regular).   Cynthia is an Episcopal priest, contemplative prayer teacher, and a protege of Thomas Keating, father of the contemplative prayer movement.  She's also a hermit!  I'm a fan of Cynthia's book, Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening--it really shaped my practice of centering prayer.

Happy friday!

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