07 March 2011

I love

Sometimes, it's just so good to write about what we love, for our souls and for our future growth.

Off the top of my head and heart:

I love...
- red shoes
- comfortable sexy shoes
- lipstick from Shu Uemura
- Bobbi Brown palettes
- California sunsets
- the sand in my toes
- shopping with a friend
- girl talk
- magazines
- a clean apartment
- healthy, delicious, home-cooked meals
- dinner parties
- flights to somewhere special
- France
- my friends in Europe
- my friends scattered across the US
- my parents and brother
- train rides
- functional accessories
- time to myself

till next time.  xoxo, h

03 March 2011

Sittin' with the Hipsters

This week, I've spent time in Hollywood, Larchmont, Silverlake, Highland Park, and of course, Echo Park.  I even got a chance to eat my fave duck noodle soup at the charming Daisy Mint in Pasadena.

Here's what I've noticed about hipsters.  They might look homeless and not quite groomed, but they will have no problem paying for expensive coffee.  They will also most likely be white and older than you think.

I feel like I've been participating in what it means to be a hipster by virtue of my job's location.  I'm not a hipster, that much is clear, but I do enjoy cute shops and nice ambience and I have to thank the hipsters for helping create those places.
- eating vegan ice cream
- drinking Intelligentsia soy cappuchino
- walking around Elysian Park
- perusing independent fashion