22 June 2010


The body likes to be unhurried and appreciates people who do not hurry it.

Making Decisions


for learning to associate decisions with positive feelings

not heart palpitations

or paralysis

just openness
and confident knowing

that in time, wisdom and self-truth unfolds

16 June 2010

Lessons learned this week

If you're stressed, check in with yourself physically.  Are you tired?  Hungry?  Do you need sleep and drink?  A well rested body can give you a clear mind and make stress melt away.

When fear sets in, use your "fight or flight" impulse to fight for what you need and want instead of becoming paralyzed.

Knowledge gives you direction; support give you the tools to overcome the challenges.

10 June 2010

The 9 month Ignatian Retreat is Over! Kind of

 {spritz & crisps in Venice, Italy}

Last night marked my last group meeting for my 9 month Ignatian Retreat.  It's not over for me completely--I missed several weeks throughout the retreat so I have more to go before I finish the exercises.  I'll continue to meet with my spiritual director until I'm done.

But still, I feel an immense sense of accomplishment, a kind of passing through.  A big milestone!  J. was an absolute doll and surprised me with Campari mixers and recreated the Venetian Spritz aperitivo that I adored so much in Venice.  We toasted to the end of my 9 months and chatted about the meeting.

01 June 2010

Language Tools for Learning Korean & French

One of the most helpful, practical tips that I picked up in the last month from blog browsing is the practice of writing out goals and actionable steps and keeping track of them in a spreadsheet. 

I wrote out my goals, one sheet as an overview with a broad deadline, and another one as a daily checklist of lifestyle goals and habits I'd like to incorporate into my life.

One of my top priority goals is to learn Korean and French.  I know some Korean and a little bit of French but I've become so rusty that it's been embarrassing admitting to knowing either.  On top of that, I've been in enough international settings to realize how important it is know other languages in showing respect and a regard for other cultures and communities.