21 January 2011

Write Like A

 {via therumpus.net}

Are you into advice columns?  I never was until I came upon Dear Sugar's column at therumpus.net, an online literary community  headed up by Stephen Elliot of The Adderall Diaries.  She made the phrase, "Write like a motherfucker" take on a whole new life.  She is a diva, a goddess, a mother, a sister, a friend, the voice you need to give it to you straight in a loving way.  She's, in short, incredibly good at what she does, and she has quite the loyal following.  Every Thursday, she releases a new column and I usually taking something profound away.  I would like to write like a motherfucker and get that mug too.

18 January 2011




One of my favorite places in the world is Europane in Pasadena, CA, and this is an almond brioche. I hope you try one of these soon with a cup of strong coffee.



Downtown L.A. at sunrise is achingly luminous and beautiful.  Here's a favorite from a weekend shoot.  I took the shot from the roof of a parking garage next to the flower market.

My weekend was full and happy and at the same time full of stress and pressure.  There's a lot going on in my life right now, lots of decision to make, lots of what ifs, lots of grad school apps and trying to keep at it even when all my emotions and fears gets riled up at the thought of things happening or not happening in the future.

I've learned that when I am stressed, I need to go hang out with people which is contrary to how I used to deal with things (holing up in a room, trying to work for hours).  So I hung out with lots of people, talked and listened, got perspectives, laughed, listened to music and ate shaved ice, took naps and went out again on the town.  It was a lovely weekend all in all and it ended with some solo time at a cafe in Laguna Beach.  Side note: I love Laguna Beach.  How could you not.  If you ever want to hang out there, call me.

Today, I will focus on being present to my breath, taking walks, staying grounded in what I know, and tending to the things I need to do even if I want to run the other way.

14 January 2011


In 2010, I
- continued art nights with Jan and welcomed Christine
- bought a dslr
- went to Palm Springs, Norcal, NYC, the United Nations, Boston, Chicago, and made lots of trips to L.A. and San Diego
- fell in love with Crystal Cove State Park
- started working to work and pay the bills
- finished the Ignatian Spirituality Retreat
- learned more about myself
- tried new things and found out what worked and what didn't
- found greater compassion for my self

In 2011, I look forward to
- getting into photography
- designing more layouts and covers
- reading lots more of all the wondrous texts and images out there, especially on architecture and art and sociology and fiction
- practicing my french with Assimil
- playing lots of tennis
- redesigning the blog
- preparing for change

10 January 2011

the Worst thing

I think one of the worst things you can do to yourself and those you love is to not accept yourself and be honest about who you are and what you love.  It catches up to you.  You can't keep it down forever.


Last week:
- I started tennis classes with J
- Attended a dinner/discussion group of women from my church called Wednesday's Women.  I'd like to rename it, the Sacred Circle of Post-Menopausal Women. (I was the youngest person there by many years)  It was an awesome, beautiful evening spent with powerful got-their-shit-worked-out group of women.  Discussed moral courage and praying for our enemies and heard the words "fuck" and "sex life" many times.
- Led Taize service with the gang--we're turning into a regular little band.  Went to a pub afterwards and had pints and fish and chips.
- Made my biggest Korean meal yet for my dear friends Lydia and James.  So proud to make my own banchan.
- Had an artist date with Delirious New York by Rem Koolhaas.  It was so cool to flip through the pages.
- Had an awesome art night with Jan and Christine at the Gypsy Den.

This week, I look forward to:
- another art night.  yay!
- a second week of tennis classes.  yay!
- more news on the job front.  yay!
- finishing another grad application. yaaaaay!
- and starting a Writing for Magazines class with Linda Formichelli.  yay!

03 January 2011

Happy New Year's

More than 2 years ago, I posted on a now defunct blog, The Flying Nun, that one of my goals was to get a DSLR the coming summer.  It took many more months but I finally have my very first DSLR camera, a Canon 60D. 

It's been an incredibly exciting development in my life.  I got it a few weeks ago, and I've become one of "those" people.  You know, the ones that always take pictures when you're trying to eat or have a conversation.  I love it.  I take it with me everywhere in my camera bag/purse, the Domke shoulder bag.

My friends Jan and Dan gave me great advice and counseled me through the big purchase.  Thanks so much J & D!  Couldn't have done it without you.  In three days, I got a crash course on bodies, lenses, crop frame vs. full frame, soft, short, long, wide.... It didn't take much to become a photo geek.

I've been into photography ever since I opened my first issue of the National Geographic as a kid.  In college, I took a film photography course, and I've just been slow to invest and move into the DSLR world.  I also never took my photographic interests seriously enough but no more!  That time is past.

The catalyst?  A 6 am shoot with Jan at Crystal Cove State Park, my favorite place in Orange County.  I was so proud of us night owls for doing something new and early together.  Here's a pic of me with J.'s Canon G9, an awesome point and shoot.

  {Credit: Jantira Keyurrangal}

Here's to a new year of seeing and being through the art of photography.  Hope you had a wonderful new years.