18 January 2011



Downtown L.A. at sunrise is achingly luminous and beautiful.  Here's a favorite from a weekend shoot.  I took the shot from the roof of a parking garage next to the flower market.

My weekend was full and happy and at the same time full of stress and pressure.  There's a lot going on in my life right now, lots of decision to make, lots of what ifs, lots of grad school apps and trying to keep at it even when all my emotions and fears gets riled up at the thought of things happening or not happening in the future.

I've learned that when I am stressed, I need to go hang out with people which is contrary to how I used to deal with things (holing up in a room, trying to work for hours).  So I hung out with lots of people, talked and listened, got perspectives, laughed, listened to music and ate shaved ice, took naps and went out again on the town.  It was a lovely weekend all in all and it ended with some solo time at a cafe in Laguna Beach.  Side note: I love Laguna Beach.  How could you not.  If you ever want to hang out there, call me.

Today, I will focus on being present to my breath, taking walks, staying grounded in what I know, and tending to the things I need to do even if I want to run the other way.

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