20 July 2011

I breathe

I let go
I laugh, I chat
I breathe
I let go
I stop trying so hard
I am in the moment
The moment is me
I am me
It's that simple
and that hard

13 July 2011

Summer is Passing and New Things are Here

Hullo.  It's been so long since we last talked!

May, June, July proved to be challenging months of discernment that left me needing a private space to contemplate and be.  Somehow, blogging was too loud, and I needed things to be as quiet and veiled as possible.

Big changes are coming up.  I'm moving to New York City.  I'm leaving my job.  I'm becoming a graduate student.  And I'm beginning to look forward to the fruit of seeds planted long ago.

I ask for your thoughts and well wishes in this time.  In many ways, I have not been ready for this move and for these changes in my life but it seems that the way has kept opening in this way and the universe is saying take a risk, move beyond your fears, say yes even if this isn't exactly the process you had hoped for.

I'm taking courage as much as I can.  I even heard a good friend tell me, Fake it till you make it.  I'll be taking that to heart too.  Faking the person that I want to be until I become that person.  Confident.  Hopeful.  Grateful.  Optimistic.  Adventurous.  Fearless.

I love you all who've been with me on this wee blog journey and hope to keep you posted in the weeks ahead.

Thank you.