24 May 2010

Life Lessons from Graphic Design

{Product Illustration of a Tacori ad by Hanna Kang-Brown}

I remember flipping through a book on interior design by Candice Olson of Divine Design at a local Home Depot, marveling at her introduction where she says all she needed to learn about life and success came from a ball--a volleyball to be precise.  Candice went on to talk about how competitive sports taught her to rise above her competition not by having more talent, but by working harder and more diligently than anyone else.

Made me wish I had been a competitive athlete in high school and college.  Then maybe, I would be a more successful person and learn how to handle life better.  Like Sarah Palin, with basketball.

All joking aside, I have wondered why sports never gave me a life lesson.  I played soccer and softball for part of high school and maybe it's just that I was never pushed to the breaking point with those things.  I worked hard, I practiced, and I loved playing but it never translated into a major life lesson that I could draw on for the rest of my life.  Where was my life lesson to be found?  Had I missed the boat with competitive youth sports?

19 May 2010

How to Make Friends at Work

1.  Bring in a bunch of peonies (courtesy of TJ's) and put them at the front of your desk.
2.  Put the peonies in a really cool tall blue vase that comes up at eye level to the average male.
You'll be amazed at how many men walk up to the flowers, stick their face in, and say "mmmmmmmmmmm."
The ladies like it too but I've been surprised by the male reaction.  J. thinks it's an interesting experiment on the effects of putting something at eye level for guys.

On Monday, I was feeling blue and bored at work.  On Tuesday, I brought in the flowers, and got happy reactions and conversation from every person who walked by every single time.  I was really shocked by how much people reacted to the flowers. 

What this taught me:
1.  Most people are as bored at work as I am.
2.  Other people don't like the white and grey cubicle walls either.
3.  Flowers make people happy.
4.  Anything visually striking or different provides a conversation piece in an otherwise staid and stilted environment.

Next idea that's brewing:  bring in baked goods.  Now that will  make things really interesting!

18 May 2010

A New Magazine: Delish

I stumbled upon this magazine today while reading about Marianne Elliott on Brene Brown's blog.  Such a cool lady.  Delish Magazine has a profile on her, as well as other content that inspires conscious and authentic living while keeping it real.  I like the creative energy and independent gusto that made this magazine happen between three friends.

14 May 2010

Just Don't

What was I thinking?  Don't buy a donut from Starbucks.  Even if it's 80 cents, which it's not.  It's $1.95.  And it sucks.  It's cold and smells like crisco and refuses to melt in your mouth so you have to chew at it while you use your imagination.  Even if it's staring at you through the shiny glass case, asking you to eat it with your Americano, and you know there's nothing else for miles outside your corporate park, just don't.  Donuts need to be done right. 

11 May 2010

In Love with Color: Red-y Set Ex

I can't remember the last time I bought nail polish but when I saw this gleaming bottle of Essie polish at Target, I said yes.  And now everytime I look down at my nails I get a thrill of delight.  Red-y Set Ex gives a tangy red pop without being too pink and too red.  Parfait.

07 May 2010

Funny Words: Bjorn

At my temp job, Bjorn, the Finnish technician always has a word for me at the end of the day.   This "word" usually has military connotations and is said with complete seriousness.  Things like "Protect the tower, Hanna," said of course, with a thick Finnish accent.

Today it was:
"So you know the routine?  [pause. eye contact.]  Fight to the last breath.  Goodnight."

On Tithing, from the Wall Street Journal

Put your money where your heart is.  I like that.

Daily News: UC San Diego professor who studies disobedience gains followers -- and investigators


06 May 2010

Good Words: On calling

"You are called to be your self.
There is no one to impress."

05 May 2010

Hazmat Suiting with Jan

Last night for art night, Jan had me don a hazmat suit, walk across the street to an empty field and stand with a white hoodie over my face.  I looked like the KKK.  But I obliged.  It was for an art project.  And she was going to edit my head out anyways.  I find her composition a striking meditation on the ambiguities of our environments.  In the horizon, does the glow represent dawn or a just landed spaceship?  What is really out there and what are we looking at?

Check out her blog for more of her art.

{original photographs by Jantira K.}