05 May 2010

Hazmat Suiting with Jan

Last night for art night, Jan had me don a hazmat suit, walk across the street to an empty field and stand with a white hoodie over my face.  I looked like the KKK.  But I obliged.  It was for an art project.  And she was going to edit my head out anyways.  I find her composition a striking meditation on the ambiguities of our environments.  In the horizon, does the glow represent dawn or a just landed spaceship?  What is really out there and what are we looking at?

Check out her blog for more of her art.

{original photographs by Jantira K.}


  1. From watercoloring to donning a hazmat suit! Your art dates are really varied.

    : )

  2. hahaha, next time i promise to be on time and we can do something cutesy and less end of the world! thanks for posting!

  3. yes, our art nights are varied :)On a given night, the three of us are sketching, editing photos, brainstorming lines, screenprinting, and doing graphic design. With a good dose of dark chocolate, of course.

  4. yeah she's becoming so! it's been a lot of fun.