19 May 2010

How to Make Friends at Work

1.  Bring in a bunch of peonies (courtesy of TJ's) and put them at the front of your desk.
2.  Put the peonies in a really cool tall blue vase that comes up at eye level to the average male.
You'll be amazed at how many men walk up to the flowers, stick their face in, and say "mmmmmmmmmmm."
The ladies like it too but I've been surprised by the male reaction.  J. thinks it's an interesting experiment on the effects of putting something at eye level for guys.

On Monday, I was feeling blue and bored at work.  On Tuesday, I brought in the flowers, and got happy reactions and conversation from every person who walked by every single time.  I was really shocked by how much people reacted to the flowers. 

What this taught me:
1.  Most people are as bored at work as I am.
2.  Other people don't like the white and grey cubicle walls either.
3.  Flowers make people happy.
4.  Anything visually striking or different provides a conversation piece in an otherwise staid and stilted environment.

Next idea that's brewing:  bring in baked goods.  Now that will  make things really interesting!

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  1. Interesting story. Work often feels like a whole other world, doesn't it? Let us know if you continue your experiments. : )