10 January 2011


Last week:
- I started tennis classes with J
- Attended a dinner/discussion group of women from my church called Wednesday's Women.  I'd like to rename it, the Sacred Circle of Post-Menopausal Women. (I was the youngest person there by many years)  It was an awesome, beautiful evening spent with powerful got-their-shit-worked-out group of women.  Discussed moral courage and praying for our enemies and heard the words "fuck" and "sex life" many times.
- Led Taize service with the gang--we're turning into a regular little band.  Went to a pub afterwards and had pints and fish and chips.
- Made my biggest Korean meal yet for my dear friends Lydia and James.  So proud to make my own banchan.
- Had an artist date with Delirious New York by Rem Koolhaas.  It was so cool to flip through the pages.
- Had an awesome art night with Jan and Christine at the Gypsy Den.

This week, I look forward to:
- another art night.  yay!
- a second week of tennis classes.  yay!
- more news on the job front.  yay!
- finishing another grad application. yaaaaay!
- and starting a Writing for Magazines class with Linda Formichelli.  yay!

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