03 January 2011

Happy New Year's

More than 2 years ago, I posted on a now defunct blog, The Flying Nun, that one of my goals was to get a DSLR the coming summer.  It took many more months but I finally have my very first DSLR camera, a Canon 60D. 

It's been an incredibly exciting development in my life.  I got it a few weeks ago, and I've become one of "those" people.  You know, the ones that always take pictures when you're trying to eat or have a conversation.  I love it.  I take it with me everywhere in my camera bag/purse, the Domke shoulder bag.

My friends Jan and Dan gave me great advice and counseled me through the big purchase.  Thanks so much J & D!  Couldn't have done it without you.  In three days, I got a crash course on bodies, lenses, crop frame vs. full frame, soft, short, long, wide.... It didn't take much to become a photo geek.

I've been into photography ever since I opened my first issue of the National Geographic as a kid.  In college, I took a film photography course, and I've just been slow to invest and move into the DSLR world.  I also never took my photographic interests seriously enough but no more!  That time is past.

The catalyst?  A 6 am shoot with Jan at Crystal Cove State Park, my favorite place in Orange County.  I was so proud of us night owls for doing something new and early together.  Here's a pic of me with J.'s Canon G9, an awesome point and shoot.

  {Credit: Jantira Keyurrangal}

Here's to a new year of seeing and being through the art of photography.  Hope you had a wonderful new years.

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