01 September 2010

September: Fave Products

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the products that have been enhancing my life. I'm not a big consumer of makeup or fragrance but these here below have really been special.

Korres Jasmine Body Butter
I was gifted a bag full of travel size Korres shower gel and body butter for singing at a friend's wedding. I'd never used Korres products, and I didn't think too much of it because I'm not a huge fragrance/bath & body type person. My routine is pretty simple and consists of Dr. Bronner's Lavendar Liquid Soap and Abba Body Lotion.  The Jamine Body Butter is a wonderful pick me up to have in your purse.  Whenever I need a mood kick, I moisturize my hands and the scent just takes me to a higher place.  :)  I'm very sensitive to smell and Korres seems to get it right on.  It smells so natural and not synthetic.  The Jasmine scent always makes me feel as if I am in India or Thailand, or somewhere where jasmine grows profusely.  Guava is also an excellent scent and the shower gels are really worth it.  Even J. commented on how amazing the products were.

M.A.C. Cosmetics Paint Pot: Bare Study
I use this every day.  Swipe it on my eyelids with my fourth finger and it acts as both a primer and a shadow base and makes my eye makeup stick throughout the day.  Really quite useful and so easy to use.  Still have a lot left in my pot and it has been over six months since I bought it.

Cacao Loose Leaf Tea
I couldn't find a picture of Cacao Tea.  Maybe it's because it's not sold in the U.S.  My mom went to Peru on a missions trip and came back with bags of this stuff.  Yes, cocaine is made from cacao but I believe you need like 100 pounds of cacao leaves to make one pound of cocaine.  Something like that.  One sip of this tea and you will feel relaxed and soothed.  The Peruvians use it to deal with altitude sickness, headaches, etc.  If you can get your hands on some, I recommend it.  Everybody that I have served this tea to have immediately felt the happy calming effects.

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