07 September 2010

A Man Named J.


I never thought I'd get married.  But J. convinced me otherwise.  He was my best friend.  And when I first met him in college, I found him incredibly tall and mysteriously midwestern.

He wrote on his shirts with red pens and drew a heart on his sleeve.  He liked to smile like a happy monkey.
And lo and behold, he even liked Hello Kitty.  I love Hello Kitty.

When he came on family vacation, he drove a van full of sleeping Kangsters.  Does that mean sainthood?
He introduced me to his friends, and I loved them.
He wowed me with his intellect and shared my love for London.
He liked to cook and shake his butt in the kitchen.
He was a man of slow golden gazes.
And best of all, when I'm exasperated with life, he brings me balance.  He reminds me to look at things another way, to say funny but true mantras like, "It's not that deep."