02 September 2010

Introducing Awkwerd Turtl, a new blog by Chennergy

 {caviar topped sea scallops w/leek and cauliflower soup}

Some of my favorite people include Dan and Sarah Krusen-Chen of wedding photography and videography fame (consistently ranked top in the wedding industry and blogosphere favorites).  They are the charismatic and romantic duo behind Chennergy, a professional photography and videography business.   J. and I went to Italy last year for their uber romantic, lush, and emotional wedding and feasted for days on delectable delights.

I knew Dan in college when he was living off of Taiwanese dried shredded pork and slim fast (he's a wrestler--I'm guessing it had something to do with that) so I was surprised to hear that Dan had started a food blog.  Now, I knew he had great taste in food.  But I had NO idea, absolutely no idea, that he was a budding gourmand chef.  One look at this food blog and I was wide eyed, salivating, and weak in the knees.  It looks like this guy can seriously cook and combined with his photography skills, he turns his food into visual poetry.

I'm a fan of Dan's unique processing style--a mix of vintage, nostalgic, saturated pics that hearken to the past but also seem utterly new.   They make for beautiful wedding photos and it is a treat to see his signature style applied to food.

Check out his new blog, Awkwerd Turtl.  It's pretty darn amazing.

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