15 September 2010

Taize: Cantarei ao Senhor

I remember sitting in the main hall at Taize, France, fumbling through the Portuguese in the song, Cantarei ao Senhor.  I learned to love this song, to associate it with the hundreds of lovely Portuguese young adults that were there that week, and by the end of my time, I was singing it along with the best of them.  It's a beautiful song.  It's better live, sitting on the floor with thousands of people at a faster pace.  I came across it again today while writing an email.  Thought I'd share.

Cantarei ao Senhor, enquanto viver.
Louvarei o meu Deus enquanto existir.
Nele encontro a minha alegria. (x2)

All life long, for the Lord I will sing
While I live, I will praise my God;
My joy is in God.

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