20 August 2010


After feeling really wound up and upset this week about the state of my life and things not working out, I did a couple of crucial things.

Slept early and deeply.

Went to the beach, ran barefoot, and ate at my favorite cafe.

Talked with friends.

It's easy to flip back and forth between depression and anger.  Talking to a good friend who could understand the dredges of melancholy was so helpful.  The beach healed me.  Realizing that I needed more support in my life was good.

It's hard to admit how little control I have in my life.  And as much as I go through really good spells of letting go, of living in peace, of being centered, I hit rough patches where every little thing just makes my stress shoot through the roof and make me feel like everything just flat out sucks.  It's whiny.

So this morning, walking to my car, I thought, you know, there's so much that could go wrong and does.  But I need to remember to receive instead of being distrustful.  Receive from the universe.  Receive from God.  Receive whatever it is I can in all situations.Remember to receive.

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