23 August 2010


Grateful for my birthday, for friends and family.

This past weekend, my friends reminded me to celebrate all my years, not the fact that I'm getting old in terms of my ovaries or popular American society's perception of a woman's worth or what it means to have a career.  All my years.  What a concept.  To be grateful for the year that has passed, for all the years that I have had with friends and family, for health and growth. 

I received thoughtful, beautiful gifts that were so me that I felt really loved.  I have to list them here because they were too cool.  A recipe book featuring desserts with typographical designs.  A thai condiment kit complete with blue and white ceramic jars and fish sauce, chilis, and a special chili mix I fondly refer to as my crack.  A lovely book on throwing handmade French soirees.  Beautiful tins of tea.  A wine bottle from Hanna Vineyards.  Two beautifully bound classics.  A big chocolate cake and lemon curd raspberry tart.  Hello.

The weekend was full of scrumptious food (Korean, Cuban, Italian), sangria and wine, Italian coffee and desserts, good conversation, and all around wonderful people.  Last night I watched Eat Pray Love with two dear friends after a dinner of pasta and gorgonzola pear salad.  In the movie (and the book), Elizabeth Gilbert goes to Italy, India, and Bali to find her self and to experience love and life after feeling lost, depressed, and heartbroken with life.  I sat there in the theatre remembering my trip to Italy last year with J. and our best friends, traipsing around Rome, staying in Trastavere, exploring the ruins.  Or Bali two years ago on my trip to Asia, where I said yes to J., yes to loving my self, and yes to loving him.  And India, where I went for two months when I was fifteen, which kicked of my lifelong search for adventure, mystery, and holy longing.

I realized, I have had a good life. As much I felt so melancholic and down this past week, my friends and family showed me that life is about more than what was getting me down.  One of the pieces of wisdom I am gaining with the passing of my 27th year is a value for people--family, friends, loved ones. 

Thank you to all who celebrated with me, in person and in spirit.  This was a special one.


  1. Happy birthday, Hanna! Yes, you are blessed.

  2. This is awesome, I am blessed to have been a part of this discovery, thank you for your perspective, I am touched.