15 January 2010

testing out names: reader help needed

hello readers!
i need your help.
i've decided to register myself as a sole proprietor and get paperwork in tow for my freelance services, really so that i can start deducting everything i can as expenses (overhead:rent/utilities, computer, etc.).  My computer dying the other day was major impetus and wake up call for the new tax season.  and this is where i am heading professionally so it's good to do asap.

Last night, I stayed up brainstorming names.  I'd like to come up with a name that encompasses the services I can render currently and would like to in the future.

Such as:
content writing for web and print
magazine writing
album layout and design
print & graphic design

I imagine myself as a one person studio with interests in writing and design that range from commerical/marketing interests to magazine articles and essays, printmaking, and creating pretty things for the wedding industry.

i want the name to represent my aesthetic: clean, multi-hatted, crafted, fresh, minimalist, with a vintage modern boho chic bent.

Here are some contenders and what i like about them:

Desk Love Studio
kind of a nerdy chic feel to the name that i dig.  everything i'll be doing will be at the desk.  you gotta love the desk to do this kind of work.

fraiche press studio 
fraiche means fresh in french--i like the play on words of french press and the idea of pressing goodness out

studio fraiche
more minimalistic, to the point

What do you think?  I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

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  1. Hanna! Sorry for the delay in posting my thoughts. I like Fraiche Press Studio the best. The biggest drawback is the pronunciation, but it's a plus that once you learn it, it's easy to say! (It's pronounced "fresh", right?)

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