05 January 2010

Good things january

 {taken with j's cell phone in san diego last week}

our wedding photographer, Max Wanger, was named one of the best in the industry by junebug weddings and we are in the photo

our good friend dan chen of chennergy.com is also named best in the industry

a desk by the window with a view of the hills is a lovely thing for the soul

getting invited to a birthday party for a new favorite person that starts at a cigar lounge

focusing on being healthy in the head and body and letting the anxieties of the future go to rest

falling in love with fiction

eating dairyless and meatless for 2 straight days and feeling a whole lot better

house cleaning and office organizing for the new year is insufferable at first but so rewarding

a renewed commitment to work hard at whatever i do

falling in love with art and printmaking and type and design and of all things, grids and layouts

it's been a good first week

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