11 January 2010

The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser Competition comes to Irvine

Contestants: H & J

Why:  Upcoming family Cruise in April

Why again: Newlywed weight gain

Objective: The contestant to lose the most weight wins.

Prize:  TBD--we need to come up with something motivational. Any ideas?

Who will be this year's biggest loser?


  1. hahah i love this. i think the prize ought to be that the winner gets to choose the next travel destination/adventure! although this is clearly a prize for both...anyway, that would motivate ME.

  2. Hey - Lexie just asked me yesterday if I knew of anyone who wants to lose weight, publicly. She is hosting a Biggest Loser contest of her own...get in touch w/ her if you're interested!

    There is cash involved. : )

  3. Hanna! Charissa just linked me to your blog. Do you guys want to join our Biggest Loser $$ pool? Everybody puts in $10 starting this week and for each week you GAIN instead of lose weight, you have to put in an extra $. The contest ends March 28th and whoever lost the highest percentage wins. Do you want in?

  4. ooo lexie, we are short on dineros but that actually looks doable! let me talk to j. about it.