23 January 2010

back in business

in a bizarre twist of events, both my cellphone and laptop died on the same day 2 weeks ago and came back to me restored yesterday.

j. thinks it's a deep psychic coincidence having to do with my discovery of my self as an artist. he can go not further than that however so the theory falls short rather quickly.

the good news is not having a laptop gave me an electronic heart attack but also helped break some unhealthy patterns like sitting in my living room with my laptop all day not doing much and feeling like an unwilling cyborg.  the electronic heart attack was a sign of unhealth to be sure.

on that note, i've decided to join a biggest loser network from the state of pennsylvania via my friend lexie and because i'm clueless and disinterested in calorie counting, I've decided to do a 21 day healthy detox to get healthy and lose some weight.  That sounds so much better to me than eating a 3/4 cup of cereal in the morning and a 400 calorie frozen lunch (which screams chemicals!!!) microwaved in the oven every day. ICK.

i'm using this book and basically eating lots of steamed vegetables and identifying/avoiding my food allergies.  i will be breaking up with butter, cheese, animal fat, alcohol, sugar and processed foods for a while.  We'll see how it goes!

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