28 October 2010

What's been going on

Alo, everyone.  I can't believe it's been over two weeks since I've posted.  I haven't stayed away like that from blogging in a while.  Let's catch up.

It's been a busy few weeks, filled with soul-searching and prayer, as I hit a low with my temp job situation and confronted some necessary challenges in my life.

One of my new bffs moved out of state and I was so sad to see her go.

I started a communications contract job that I'm uber excited about but that means more evenings working after the day job.

Busy, I suppose is better than not busy...especially if you're busy with the things you know you need to be doing to reach your goals.

J. and I got our very own grown up bedroom set and something about that process flung the doors of feng shui and chi and life force or whatever you want to call it wide open and we found ourselves feeling like very different people.  Like more productive.  More organized.  More on it.  Not out of it.  Proactive.  Assertive.  Sharp and clear.  It was amazing.  We still drool about it.

The surprising thing about that whole furniture milestone was that all of the organizing and decluttering it forced us to do in our small one bedroom apartment made me finally ready to  move on.  As in, move to a different place.  I think when we were surrounded by boxes and ugly furniture and too much stuff, it just made me feel weighed down and all I could think about was sorting through all of that--not moving it all to a new place.  But now that we have done it, I'm ready to address how as much as there are some things about the OC that I love, I'm ready to move to a place that gives me more life.  So we are now planning for a move out of Orange County and back to our old city and the whole thing has felt spontaneous, organic and right.  It really goes to show that if we keep working on the small things, the big things really don't feel that big.  Things come together.

Among other good news, I attended a Shakira concert at the Honda Center a few days ago and had an amazing time.  Her joy and exuberance as a performer is a real gift, and it made me want to live a life filled with doing what gives me the most joy.

So today, I wish you joy whereever you are!  May you continue to discover what gives you joy and find ways to live it.

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  1. Love this - you didn't want to say what Shakira showed everyone from the stage? Hahaha, love you girl. So glad we get to talk still even though I'm far. We need to cook some of these yummy recipes when you come visit me! :)