01 November 2010

Halloween Haunts

Where were you this weekend?

I ate too much dim sum Halloween morning washed down with too many cups of tea to count while child-size ladybugs and Nemo and caterpillars wafted by my table full of pork and shrimp and friends.  It was a lovely way to do Halloween.  Might become an annual tradition.

After dim sum, we walked around one of my childhood haunts, Garvey Ranch Park, and then hit up Cofftea for hand-crafted ice teas and boba and excellent customer service. Really nice people over there at Cofftea.  I got the house special iced tea which tasted like a fruit-infused black tea with hints of honey.  C'etait superb!  J. had stars in his eyes and our friends thanked us for introducing them to one of our top tea destinations.

Wisdom gained:
Morning pages help me get past dread and emotional blocks.  I did five minutes of morning pages and walah, I'm doing the laundry and starting work on applications fives minutes later.  Was dreading that for a whole week I tell you.

I'm learning, no matter what the situation is, whether it's freaking out about never finding a job, having a horrible supervisor, feeling like you'll never ever get married--fear can really keep you from treating yourself right.  You want to hold on to the bad because you're scared it won't get better.  No matter what, you have to treat yourself right and choose the best path of integrity, respect, and dignity.  And when you do, others notice and you're more likely to be treated better by others.  No guarantees, of course, but treating yourself right even when there is no guarantee is still the right thing to do. 

Ok enough of that.  This week, I'm going to Laxmi Sweets & Spices to have lunch with Bishop Diane Bruce of the Diocese of Los Angeles to interview her for this little zine here.  Can't wait!

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