11 October 2010

Dad's Birthday Weekend

Favorite moments of this weekend:

- Sunday breakfast with my parents at Panera (it just opened up by their home and they are so excited)
- A delicious birthday dinner for my dad--filet mignon, seafood stuffed mushrooms, grilled asparagus, and garlic mashed potatos! (Thanks mom!)
- Talking into the wee hours with old friends (felt like high school)
- A two-layer raspberry buttermilk cake with lemon curd whipped cream frosting that almost became a disaster but worked out in the end.
- Cleaning, cleaning, and sorting our apartment--it's really starting to look different!
- Watching "A Barefoot Dream," a Korean film while folding laundry
- A Ms. Bento lunch jar set that I'd been eying for months was left at my mom's house by her homestay kids and walah, it's mine!
- A successful fall shopping spree at the Marshall's by my parents' house (it must be that inland empire folk don't have the same tastes as mine because this Marshall's was rocking with some baller stuff like a $15 Velvet dress on clearance)
- Drinking a $50 bottle of wine with my family and seeing what that did (mainly--more laughing, a guitar serenade by my brother, and a touching story where my mom shared her current favorite song and told us she realized all her youthful dreams have come true....awwww)
- Hugging Gomi the Akita and talking about dogs
- Playing with Mochi the Huskey puppy

What a great weekend filled with wonderful moments.  Hope you had a good one too.  XOXO, Hanna


  1. hahah i've made that raspberry buttermilk cake from smitten kitchen before! isn't it delicious?

    and i like how you spelled it "walah"!

    sounds like a lovely weekend.

  2. lol, to be honest, i couldn't remember how to spell "walah" the correct way. that cake is yummers and i've even made it with soymilk & vinegar to produce a soy buttermilk and it came out fantastic.