03 December 2009

screenprinting with jan

Every week, Jan and I meet for art time and this fall, we tackled screenprinting. We really didn't know how to start and spent a couple of sessions sitting around bookstores browsing how-to books. We took a deep breath, ordered supplies, and jumped in yesterday. It was deceptively simple and complicated but thoroughly enjoyable. The hours flew by.

Here's Jan working on her screen:
See all those little black lines? She needs to fill them in with drawing fluid...with a toothpick.

And here's me, freehanding it. More updates to come. We'll see how the finished products look!

p.s.- these photos were taken with her new Nikon D700 in a lowlit kitchen. Amazing, right?

1 comment:

  1. ooooooh nice photos and nice print! i want to see the finished product!