10 December 2009

Obsessed with...

Lately, I've been wanting to find things to get obsessed about.

Obsession can have such negative connotations but what if you loved something so much that you fell head over heels into it and never wanted to get out?

Last week, Jacob and I raced to the neighborhood cheap theatre to watch Julie and Julia, and I loved it.  The movie surpassed my expectations.  It was smart, funny, endearing, and as a foodie and blogger, I couldn't help sitting there thinking that the movie was made exactly for people like me.

Amy Adams is a commendable actress but Julie didn't do it for me.  Julia did.  Meryl Streep's performance soared and I trembled with giddiness each time she came on the screen. I loved watching Julia discover life in Paris, stumbling around trying to find something to do, and then find cooking with a resounding life-giving bang.  Julia found so much passion and zest in cooking that she became willingly and dotingly obsessed with it finding herself and helping so many others by sharing her joy.

I found her obsession charming and inviting.

Could I get obsessed with food?  I'd love to say yes but to be honest with you, I have physical limitations.  Julia lost herself in the delights of French cooking.  I would love to as well but I'm lactose intolerant and I can't eat too much meat or else I have to go to the doctor and become a vegan for at least a month for everything to get worked out.  Do I want to get obsessed with healthy vegan living....not really.

I told J. my thoughts and he agreed--to be obsessed with something, you can't have physical limitations.  It almost goes against the notion of obsession if you're limited.  My bloated stomach and cramps would surely be a limiting factor.

If you have any ideas around this one, let me know.  Because I'd love to get obsessed with making food (I kind of am already in terms of consuming it).

Could I get obsessed with religion?  I love exploring spirituality but hearing the word "obsession" and "religion" in the same room just sounds wrong, right?  Ditch that one.

What about writing?  Yeah...I could get obsessed with writing.

And what about art?  yes, I could definitely get obsessed with art and design and typography.

I could also get obsessed with yoga.  It sounds really hot to get obsessed with running but one step at a time.  Running and I--our relationship always sounds sexier than it actually is.

So what could you get obsessed with?  Free original screen printed poster by yours truly for one random commenter.  And if you're the only commenter, lucky you! 

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