06 October 2009


Since my titillating post, I haven't felt much inspiration to write. Maybe it's because it's hard to beat the entertaining value of sexual content.

Yeah, maybe so.

But regardless, fall is here and that is reason to celebrate! I love fall and over here by the coast, the wind makes you shiver and the skies are grey and rolling and lit with soft orange light in the evening. J. stopped several times yesterday to look out the window and say, "It's so beautiful. So beautiful."

I'm looking forward to weekly art get togethers with my artist friend Jan. She's a Cerritos girl and regularly makes trips to LACMA and elsewhere to get her art fix. She pushes me to make the drive to go to free lectures and engage with modern art. For autumn, we're discussing possible projects with watercolors, ceramics, and Christmas presents.

This Saturday, I'm getting a free surfing lesson with the UCI Episcopal Fellowship. $10 for a wetsuit.

I'm meeting with Myra House board members tomorrow to discuss ways in which I can help their PR and marketing projects. If you're in the area and if you've never stopped by, make an appointment and visit! It's an incredible place that nurtures a deep spirituality connected to the earth, contemplation, sustainable living, and community. The chapel is gorgeous--hardwood floors, floor pillows, Taize style fabric sculptures and candles, icons, exposed beams. My soul breathes a sigh of relief when I'm in there. Sung Sohn, Ph.D. was an architect before he turned to theology and pastoral ministry.

I'm going to go to the Back Bay as much as possible--it's my new place to unwind and let loose and take big gulps of air and get some exercise.

I'm also looking forward to the launch of a new website for my freelance writing and a headshot session with my good friend, the talented Erin Sullivan. She specializes in portraits and she's gonna make me look fabulous and writerly.

Next up: Going through my books for more giveaways.

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