26 September 2009

A titillating campus housing moment

**Be warned, adult content! Read at your own risk.

I just have to share this story with you because it is so funny and absurd and downright squeamish. But be warned, it does involve adult content so don't tell me I didn't warn you.

In the graduate housing complex that I live in, sound travels. The buildings are arranged in U shapes around parking lots so that it forms a courtyard of sorts and sounds just bounce of every which way. If a couple is having an argument, you can hear it loud and clear if you're walking by outside.

Every quarter, people move in and out but of course, the big move is fall quarter. That's when you can really sense the change in energy. Lots of new people moving in, new cooking smells wafting up (we live on the 3rd floor and the new people who live beneath us are killing me--every night they make ribs or curry and bake chocolate chip cookies afterwards).

We also got a new neighbor in the last week who is very expressive when having sex. The first time I heard the woman yelping, I thought, goodness, she's having a good time--and her windows are wide open. Her groans and moans turned into something orgasmic and high pitched and giggled and that's when I thought, dear lord, this is a bit much! I couldn't help giggling myself.

Since that special first inauguration into the sexual life of my new neighbor, she has been having an orgasm without fail at 10:30pm each night. Every night, I'm laying in bed ready to go to sleep or sitting on the couch finishing up a last chapter in a book and there she starts up again! It's really remarkable how regular she and her partner are.

So last night, when Jacob and I were chatting in the living room, we of course heard "that woman" go at it again. Her moans kept climbing and climbing and climbing and right when you knew she was just screaming her head off and having a grand ole time, one of our neighbors yelled into the courtyard, "BE QUIET!!!!!"

Our eyebrows shot up in shock. We fell over laughing hysterically. Apparently, someone had had enough and couldn't handle it anymore. I'll never forget that "Be quiet!" It was the be quiet of all be quiets. It was low and mean and so well projected that you knew everyone in the three surrounding apartment buildings felt silenced under its spell. "That woman" did fall quiet. And I wonder if she will stay quiet. But until she proves us wrong, I'm going to be giggling to myself whenever I have an odd moment.


  1. Hey Hanna -

    The post about your and J.'s gift is up!

    We had a similar apartment moment...in the complex next door, some people were partying pretty late into the night with their windows open. Then, suddenly, a man's voice yelled, "SHUT. UP!"

    It was kind of cathartic. The kind of thing you think about doing but don't. : )