19 October 2009

San Francisco in October


Last weekend, I went to the Bay area. I actually did not see San Francisco but I was in Palo Alto and ate Burmese food in Burlingame and that is close enough. Mingalaba, the Burmese restaurant, was sooooo good. Oh my gosh. I ate so much that I was tempted to undo my top button. I felt like I was venturing into grandma territory (my grandma walks out of buffets holding her pants up by the hands because she loosens everything with each course). The service was impeccable (we were offered red wine while we waited and complimentary rice pudding dessert at the end) and the food just melted in our mouths. We gasped, we gurgled, we inhaled, we stopped speaking.

J. was up there for a conference so while he discussed hate crime law and critical theory, I went for a run along the beautiful tree lined streets around Stanford's campus. The homes were quaint and full of character and hard wood floors. They also have fall foliage in Northern California! The trees were oh so lush with golds and oranges. I thought of moving.

I also got to hang out with the fabulous Liz Song of lizsong.blogspot.com in her new barn digs. I was in love with her new place. She lives on one side of the first floor of the barn and has the entire 2nd floor to herself. Three words. 360 degree views! She has windows facing every direction. There was so much space, and Liz made the most of it with simple and stunning decor. Chartreuse greens and blues filled her walls. Cozy rugs and couches, rustic wood pieces, and a streamlined office area made it an ideal creative work/play haven. I was inspired and wished I had a camera to share it with you.

This time, travel inspired me to come home and make it as beautiful and inspiring as possible. Cheers to Liz for sharing the inspiration.

Note about the picture: At the barn, Liz opened my eyes to the wide world of Photoshop actions. Hence my first attempt at photoshopping--J.'s face.

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  1. great job on the post processing! ;-) did you end up getting actions?

    and thank you for spending time with me on sat. it was lovely. just lovely. (& of course, inspiring) i hope you come visit again.