17 February 2010

Moving Meditations

I'm moving this week.

Moving can make your bowl feel a little empty.
But then your mom comes over and reminds you to stop eating weird vegan food and eat really good Korean food instead.  Instead of spaghetti squash (which my mom politely declined to have another serving of).  Or gluten-free vegan cupcake (which she ate only before I told her what it was).  As she puts it, rice, kimchi, and seaweed soup was "OH this is good" food.  Not weird food.

She was so nice.  She helped me pack for 2 days.

Doesn't she look young here?  She also stared at me and told me to do a face massage exercise everyday which will take care of my double chin.  Thanks mom, for letting me know I have one.


I went to the Sisters of St. Joseph center to meet with my spiritual director.  Jan lent me her camera so I took a walk through the desert garden and took advantage of the late afternoon light.

I saw this plant.  It was a mess of thorns with beautiful red flowers scattered throughout it.  Life can really be a bitch and give you way too many thorns to deal with.


I like these guys.  They're like the friendly brontosauruses of the group.

I love this little one.  She's so tender.


  1. these photos are so beautiful hanna! good luck on the move, i don't envy you :)

  2. Hanna, I mistook your mom for YOU! She sure does look young. : )

    Are you moving very far from your old place?