13 December 2010

2nd week of December

This past week was so full of lovely people and new experiences.  It taught me that good people are always worth making time for and that trying new things is exhilirating.  And that sometimes, a packed schedule is an awesome thing.

- met up with my central Oregon pals Melinda and Jeff and had one big Korean night!
- discovered a fabulous korean bbq place (Great service, great meat!) in Garden Grove and inducted Jeff, a first-timer into the joys of korean bbq
- went to a Korean cafe
- then capped off the night with Ding Dong Dang Noraebang--Korean karaoke!
   sang: What a girl wants; Creep by TLC; A Whole New World; Don't Speak by No Doubt; Hey Jude...

- joined a knitting group and learned to cable knit in 10 minutes after years of being intimidated and am working on this burberry inspired cowl neck scarf pattern

- woke up at 5am on Saturday morning to go shooting with my friend Jan at Crystal Cove State Park.  There was so much mist it was amazing!  We finally left the park at 8:20am and it felt like we had only been there for 15 minutes.  What a blast.  We had breakfast at Zinc Cafe in Corona Del Mar.

- attended my friend's daughter's 1 year old birthday and drooled over the cute girl.

- studied at Portfolio Coffeehouse in Long Beach--love that place.

- got confirmed in the Episcopal Church Sunday.  I didn't think anything of it.  It just seemed like the thing to do since I like being Episcopalian.  In fact, I had zero emotions until the music started playing and we had to line up to receive a blessing and POW, the tears hit me and I had to work really hard to keep those babies back!  It turned out to be the biggest surprise of the week in how unexpectedly meaningful it was.

- and then more knitting.  I've become obsessed.

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