22 July 2010

When you're worn thin

When you're worn thin and your mind races and there are multiple deadlines and you can't remember the last moment when you had an hour to just be...

When you multi-task everything you do and can't remember when you actually did one thing fully present from start to finish...

When you start hearing a voice in your head that says, "Vacation ...Vacation ...Vacation ..."...

When you start picking on your roommate or spouse and say "Fuck you" during the breakfast rush...

It's time to

Buy a tall soy cappuccino during your morning break even if it breaks your shoestring budget
Plan a vacation, even if it's not in the budget
Stop working on other projects over lunch

Stop thinking about a hundred things while doing something else with your body

Take a walk on the beach
Drive along PCH
Reconnect with yourself
And stop pretending everything's ok.

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