20 July 2009

To create, not react

A friend sent me an email this morning with information on interning for a religious community blog. I took a look and what I saw convinced me even more that there is a serious need for a religious community/blog that does not exist solely by being in opposition to others but on looking forward and creating.

Every single post on this self-described "progressive Christian" blog (which I won't name) had to do with criticizing what others had written, how certain people/posts/movements weren't scriptural, and how other religious leaders were wrong.

I told J. "It's as if they are saying 'I exist in order to bash your existence.'"

J. responded drily, "It all started with the Reformation."

Yes, the Reformation was spurred by opposition which then spurred generations to call their opposition faith. Opposition based on reaction which frankly doesn't lead to much other than furrowed brows and a perpetually bad taste in your mouth.

As my friend Cristy says, "Not about reaction but creation!" Let's create.

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